Greetings from Portlandia

Many of you seem to hail from Europe, and I don’t know if you watch that show. I hope you don’t. I found it boring, but maybe you’ve heard of it.

I am Rich, a 58yo maker of things metal. I bought a Raspberry Pie 3 with a JustBoom DAC, before I heard about Volumio, to be a music player in my shop. My first experience with Volumio was amazing. It was so easy, it was almost disappointing. Most of my experience with Linux has been more of a battle from which l felt triumphant (or not :wink:

I just did a clean install of 2.348 from my Windows 10 box and now I’m in more of a battle so, life is as it should be.


Hi Rich, welcome to Volumio … and battle on :slight_smile: