Greetings from Ireland


Just a note to say Hi, and ask a quick question :slight_smile:

I currently have a home audio system built around some old VIA C7 motherboards and additional sound cards. I use squeezelite (used to use squeezeslave) on a version of microcore linux. I now also have a couple of raspberry Pi so started looking at this project.

Is there a PC image that I could download? Would like to try it on my Via boards and perhaps a virtual machine.


Hi Stuart,
I also built a music server on a cheap thin client based on via C7. It sounded pretty good… Unfortunately Volumio is built only for arm as of now. And getting it working on a VM is not worth the hassle IMHO. Lot of the sq achieved is through optimization, with a VM you’re going to loose it all…
In the future however I’m planning to make an x86 port…

Hi Michelangelo, out of curiosity, why would you lose sound quality if you’d run it in a virtual machine, if one would have an x86 build? For example, when virtualizing with KVM (Linux kernel virtualization) you can “pin” the virtual machine core(s) to specifc host cpu core(s). You can assign any USB device to the virtual machine (thereby detaching it from the host) or you could even assign the whole USB controller to which you have your DAC hooked up to the vm using vfio device assignment. Performance is near bare metal. As an aside, QEMU will also emulate ARMv7, not certain how well it performs though and processor emulation wouldn’t be desirable for audio quality, I believe. I’d definitely be interested in giving this a try.