Greetings from Greece

Hi all!

My name is Michael and i am a new Raspberry Pi user. Being a linux user for many years i searched for an audiophile distro which led me to Raspyfi and finally to Volumio.

At the moment i am waiting for my brand new hifimediy usb 2 sabre and it’s external power supply + a Tripath Indeed hifi TA2021S to be able to use my raspberry with volumio. I really can’t wait for them to arrive!

I would like to thank the amazing Volumio developer for this tiny but full of specs distro!

Your welcome and I’m really glad to see you’re so satisfied!
The 2021 is the only chip of the Tripath family I haven’t listened to yet. Some say it’s better than the 2024 (which I absolutely love) …
Let me know what you think!



Being a Debian user during 2003-2008, I am always happy to use Debian based distributions!

I have never owned or heard a Tripath amp. Until now i had an ancient Luxman L-220 and a Marantz cd player but I decided that it’s time to move on and start using Flac.

So until the end of the month i will have in my hands the following combination:

  1. Indeed Hifi TA2021S and the indeed power supply
  2. HifimeDIY usb dac 2 and PSM3+ power supply

to be able to combine it with NAD801mm speakers (I am planning a speaker upgrade in the near future) + Raspberry pi/Volumio.

At the moment i have tested volumio with my desktop speakers and the sound card of Raspberry and although Raspberry is not famous for it’s sound perfomance, the result was much better comparing to my Archlinux Box with the same speakers.

At the moment I really can’t find a cheap and trusted power supply for my raspberry and i am using a Nexus 7 charger but i will start a thread here for value for money (20-30 euro) Audiophile psu for the raspberry.

Thanks again for your distro and… Kalimera!

I just want to say thank you again!

I received all the products mentioned above and I’ve been running this combo since Monday evening. Volumio is absolutely perfect for a flac media player I needed.

Looking forward to new versions with lots of goodies!



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