Greetings from California (USA)

Hey everyone!

I am a software engineer by trade and an electronics tinkerer in my spare time. Living in the desert southwest of the United States, I am an avid camper. I enjoy primitive camping in remote areas of the various deserts that comprise our region. Often I am joined by many of my camping friends and we will have a dance party by the campfire, under the light of the moon, surrounded by a half dozen of the desert foxes darting about in the shadows. We often go for several days at a time. Unfortunately, my friend with the half decent sound system built into his trailer is not always able to attend. So I have begun a project to build a portable (battery powered) music system. I would like to be able to control the playback and volume remotely from my phone. I have recently downloaded Volumio and it appears to be perfect for my needs. I have most of the components for this system and will be integrating and evaluating them in the coming weeks. I am currently in the process of building a compact Voxel design subwoofer to pair with my speakers. The final system needs to sound decent (but not necessarily be super high fidelity) for a medium sized group of people outside, in the open air. Much of the time the system will be used for low volume background music but when it is time to crank it, I don’t want it to dissapoint. Eventually, I will integrate some solar panels so the deep-cycle sealed lead acid battery, used to power the system, can be recharged during the day.

Welcome Bard :slight_smile: . Sounds like an interesting project, and with Volumio’s hotspot feature it should work out well for you.

Thanks chsims1,

Yes, I am running Volumio on a Pi Zero, to conserve power, and I already used the hotspot feature to configure it. It is extremely useful. Now I just need to test the wifi range of the Pi Zero. I am using a USB hub with an Edimax USB wifi adapter and a cheap USB audio adapter. If the hotspot range of the Edimax is insufficient, I will alternately use a battery powered rechargeable wifi access point which the Pi Zero and the phone will connect to giving me approximately double the range, since the the AP would be halfway between the Pi and the phone. So many things to test…


Hi Bard,

I am planning a very similar off the grid music system, so I hope we can compare notes.

Colin Green

(Topanga CA)