Greetings from Brabant, the Netherlands, jonguh

Some history:
I’ve been active with HiFi since 1995, when I started with my first NAD 705.
Since then, every new amplifier was a NAD (T747, C740).
When digital music started to become more mainstream, I’ve tested a lot of alternatives like: Albumplayer, AssetPNP, ffdshow, MediaMonkey pro, Mezzmo, Plex, Kodi, Serviio, Tversity, Twonky, Wild Media Server, Winamp Pro
but ended up with JRiver (MC16), back then.

As COVID19, got me stuck at the attic working from home, I started to get annoyed by the little space on my desk, caused by the big amplifier and medaistreamer (43cm).
So time to look for an alternative.
As Jriver has a very rigid attitude towards integration of Tidal, Spotify and Qobuz I looked again for alternatives:

  • Small footprint
  • decent app
  • minimal an integration with Qobuz
  • Bit perfect.
  • Only Audio

This left me with 3 options:

  • Roon
  • Audirvana
  • Volumio
    Where Volumio was a clear winner for me.


  • Easy setup
  • Good audio performance
  • Runs perfect on a Rpi4-8GB
  • Clean interface
  • Great app, when working.


  • No library management
  • Very slow response when accesing shared playlists
  • Very limited support on playlist
  • The andriod app has some real issues when reopening it from standby.

Currently running Volumio on:
Streamer: Home made streamer with rPi4-8GB

DAC: Pro-ject Pre Box S2 Digital
Amplifier: Fosi Audio BT20A Bluetooth Amplifier (yes lost my religion, but surprised by it’s sound output/Quality)
Speakers: Focal Chorus 807V
Speaker cables: Siltech LS-38 G3