Greetings from Belgium

Hi everyone,

I was looking for a DAB+ radio with DLNA but found that the prices were quite high and I didn’t want to invest in a system which would lose compatibility with new products in 5 years (for example airplay or other new protocols).

Was always interested to play with a raspberry pi and the Volumio project have me a good reason so I bought myself a Raspberry Pi 2 for €39 and a Suptronics X400 DAC/Amplifier for €34. Currently I’m using a cassette adapter to connect it to my Panasonic Stereo and I’m looking to upgrade to passive speakers.

Installation was very easy with the instruction on the website (Just don’t forget to set the i2s driver for Raspberry PI).

Currently on 1.55 but if someone gives me a good hint how I can install Volumio 2 on my system I would love to try it out.

Thx for this great project!