Greetings form Japan


A Japanese user here.

I love music. Music is true joy of life. I would gladly give up my eyes instead of ears. I tend to spend my time listening lounge, jazz, classical music, but I pretty much enjoy listening any type of music, except heavy metal.

I was a long time loyal user of SLiM (later Logitech squeezebox). But since I found my hardware getting deteriorating, about an year ago I treated myself a RasPi 2B + Hifiberry DIGI, started using Volumio.

I liked this cool music player a lot. And pretty sure it would keep my reason to live, after my squeezebox gone.

My first Volumio project was a few months back, I fed up with unstable microSD card become unbootable after every power failure. As an engineer myself, I thought I would give it a NFS boot. I managed to boot it into NFS (boot partition on mSD, everything else on NFS), only to find out current Raspbian has a problem shutting it down (it cuts network too early while system is using NFS - thus lockout). I was able to boot it from usb thumbdrive, so it’s better for now.

My second and current project is to give it a remote controller. I know I can use my cellphones to do that, but I prefer comfortable IR remote. I bought a peace of Flirc dongle (not everyone is eager to soldering IR receivers), which emulate itself as an USB HID (keyboard). Found a few programs to use Flirc with volumio out there, but I decided myself it deserves a better treatment, and started writing a python daemon script that connects any keyboard event to a volumio api, named it ‘volumio-kbdremote’.
The script is almost working, but I think I bumped into some issues regarding Volumio rest api. I will report them (you keep all technical issues in github, right?), but before I do that, I thought I would introduce myself here.

So, happy to meet you all. Kudos to your achievements!

See you soon,

Hello heidou, welcome to the forums.

Your investigation into a diy remote controller may well prove interesting to other Volumio users. Keep us up to date of how you get on, and if you get time, a ‘howto’ guide would be a valuable asset. :slight_smile:

Thanks chsims1,

I am fully intended to make it public. But I have to clear major issues first, otherwise it would just become a volumio-crasher :smiley:

To clarify, my project is not soldering-parts-by-yourself-DIY per se, it intends to use any PC keyboards as an remote. Flirc ( is an USB dongle that pairs with your TV/universal emote and act as a Keyboard. By designing that way, it would serve to connect any usb/bluetooth keyboards as remote. I also hope ‘bluetooth media button’ type product can be used as well, if you load up bluetooth stack.