GPIO Buttons Trigger Randomly

Hi im new here i installed the GPIO Buttons plugin and it dosent work for some reason.
SO i have tried a pull up and a pull down GPIO as toald on the github page … i even have added a 10 k pull down resistor my self but still no luck. i teste my button with a multimeter and it works as expected.

Now if i connect to pin 17 for example and dont do a thing songs get skippt but if i hold in the button nothing happends. Nope the button works the normal way around as i allready sayed.

have you guys any idea? i use a Pi3b

What kind of button are you using, make or break contact?
Seems it’s a break (default closed)

The button closes the circuit on pressing it.

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then please share a picture what you have done.
Default drawing is something like this. The GPIO must be set as input:

gimme a second. So i need to add a 1 K between the gpio pin as well? i will give this a try . thank you for helping me :smiley:

to avoid burning the GPIO and make sure you use a GPIO that is configured as input.

well i had no 1k so i used a 2.2 k and a 10 k but still. the song is skipping if i dont press the button. even if i remove the button songs get skippt but if i shorten those two kable it stops skipping like pressing the button does. is there any setting i got to do beside installing the plugin cause thats all i did

And where is your 3.3V connection?
I only see 2 wires connected to the rPi.


oh you are right ^^

but if i connected like you say my 3.3 will be shorten to ground

here is my new try the 2 not connected cables act as my button… still no luck :frowning:

What do you think the 10K resistor does?

you are right now i did it like you sayed even with the right pins…still same problem . on button press nothing happens and on none connection songs get skipped rappedly

please test other GPIO, you need a default low with the given diagram.
Or you can try to to connect the 10K to the ground and the switch to 3.3V.

Swaped transistors… had them mixed i gues… now it works. i thank you very much for your help :smiley: you made my day

Then you lucky, you didn’t fry the rPi.