Google music cast

Hi all

I want to request the new google feature of audio cast to google enable speakers to be added.
This way volumio will be able to act as a speaker target, just like an airport express, but using googles way.
It would also enable volumio to send audio to google enabled speakers.

Here are some info on how it works

Here is a google explanation of how it works:

This would be fantastic, especially since Google’s being so forthcoming with the tech. Not to mention, this would make Volumio much more inclusive :stuck_out_tongue:

I would also like this a lot! As an Android user, I am jealous of AirPlay! I have to use an app that sends all sounds from Android to AirPlay, but this eats battery and requires root access. Adding Google Cast to Volumio would make this simple for all users.

Hi guys!

There is no solution yet? Will RaspiCast work on Volumio?
I will be crazy happy If I could use Volumio as Chomecast receiver.
I’d be very appreciated for any suggestion towards this.