Google Home Integration


I have been investigating google home integration with Volumio.

Whilst trying to set up an agent and action integration I came across the message that ‘Volumio is already a recognised brand’.

Has this been officially setup or has it occurred by accident? I did put in a direct actions request form this week that specified the brand I wanted to work with was Volumio, but I didn’t say that I wanted that brand name created, or even to own it.

Is google home integration already being worked on? If so, I would like to contribute.

Just wondering,


Not that I know… So we can’t add this functionalities ?

I think we can. I have already started some very very early prototyping. When I have something to share I will sen you a github link and some instructions.

It’s probably good that it is recognised as a brand and should not be too difficult for us to use that.

I have commands coming in from Google Home. Am working on commands coming in from Alexa (Amazon echo).

If I can get commands coming to the same endpoint from both I will be able to have a single plugin for both.

The main thing is I think that we will need to have a valid certificate for ‘https://volumio.local’.

I’ll keep you posted, there are a lot of moving parts.

Yes please, keep me posted. If you need to have a https connection, let me know as well


I am making some progress. I have rudimentary voice control working with Amazon Echo, but before i share anything I would like to know the best way to programmatically add songs to the playlist and play them.

For example:

User says ‘Alexa tell volumio to play the album {album name}’, then the Volumio skill sends a request into my Volumio automation plugin asking it to play the album.

I search for the album name and get back a result as an item describing the album

Found album: { "service": "mpd", "type": "folder", "title": "Houses Of The Holy", "artist": "Led Zeppelin", "album": "", "uri": "albums://Houses%20Of%20The%20Holy", "albumart": "/albumart?web=Led%20Zeppelin/Houses%20Of%20The%20Holy/large&path=%2Fmnt%2FNAS%2FNeptune%2FLed_Zeppelin%2FHouses_Of_The_Holy&icon=fa-tags" }

What is the best way to the clear the playlist add this album and play it?

I have tried

self.commandRouter.serviceClearAddPlayTracks(item, 'mpd');
but the mpd music service method does not seem to be implemented correctly - the implemented method is called ‘clearAddPlayTrack’ with the ‘s’ missing and never gets called.

I tried

self.commandRouter.executeOnPlugin('music_service', 'mpd', 'clearAddPlayTrack', item);
but this doesn’t work either.

What is the recommended way to do this?

Hi Piercer
I’m also working on integrating alexa with volumio, with a slightly different path. I’m running an MQTT agent on volumio which receives mqtt commands (the JSON from alexa intent) parse it and call the volumio websocket api. It would be wonderful if we can cooperate in order to not work on duplicate issues …
Plz tell me if you are interested …

I use a anymote remote with Google home and I can send network commands thru anymote… would like to send a play command or even better a play/pause toggle command. Can it be done?

Has there been any further progress on this project for Google Home integration?

Check out my project google-home-volumio-voice-control-easy-middle-project-t11441.html

Just got myself a google home for that.

And… We’re working on Alexa and Google Home integration, so stay tuned (this is made possible by the extra resources provided by MyVolumio :wink: )

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Any progress? I am using home assistant connected to Google home and while home assistant can control volumio, Google home sees volumio as a switch and even on/off function doesn’t work.

I really hope this is still being worked on. Would love to have control of volumio through google home devices.


Just thought I’d pipe in. I like the direction described in the posts by @piercer as well as @alior101.

Another approach I came upon this afternoon from @artmanh is found here: Google Home + Volumio (voice control) (easy-middle-project)

I haven’t followed up on it to see how well it works but it’s interesting.

I just found this instructable as well. It works but it’s a bit complex and I don’t think it would survive a volumio update. It’s cool though. There’s a 24 minute video where he covers the entire procedure. It’s well worth watching.

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