Google Drive with Volumio


I have install rclone to mount my gdrive folder where there are all my music.
But can you tell me how to make it appear as LOCAL music in the INTERNAL folder?

Thank you.

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.834
Hardware: Raspberry pi 4
DAC: Rotel RC-1570

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Hi there!
I´ve been trying to play rclone mounted audio files for the last couple of months, without success…
When ssh connected from another linux device, I can mount and see the mounted folders/files, but nothing appers on Volumio interface.
If some big-hearted expert person can help us here, discovering how to mount a scannable rclone drive on Volumio, it would be amazing!
I´m willing for some tests and/or feedback.

Yes indeed I am also waiting for some help with that its could really be great :wink: