Google DNS in resolv.conf

I was having issues connecting to my local web radio station. When I tried it via the ip address, it worked fine. I ssh’d to the pi and noticed that above my dns server specified by dhcp, the Google DNS servers are specified. Is this expected behavior? I’m not sure why Google’s dns servers are in the resolv.conf if dhcp is issuing a different server. I have hostnames that resolve differently on my internal network than on the Internet.


Only the Devs can really answer, but I’ll guess that it’s to ensure that there’s always a nameserver available, because if you select “No” to the “Automatic IP” question on Network Configuration, this doesn’t provide an option to set a nameserver.

You can always try renaming /etc/resolv.conf.head to /etc/resolv.conf.tail so that the Google nameservers are after your own in /etc/resolv.conf.


I see that there is a resolv.conf.head, which is where it’s getting the Google DNS server. I cleared out the file so I’m good now.