Goodbye Volumio

Hi All,

I’m not about the flame the product, but I’ve given it a fair crack of the whip. Here’s the set up:-

RasPi latest version
HiFiBerry +
PC running Windows 7 as SMB Shares, over 9,000 MP3s (NAS)

The PC and RasPi are on the same network, via two switches.

The Radio steaming is 99% uptime - good.

USB Stick
I Itried an 8gb stick with 100mp3s- plugged it in and all was well. I upgraded the stick to 64gb, no matter what I did it would not recognise the stick at all. I tried NTFS and FAT. Nothing.

This is the WORST bit. It kept dropping the connection, the NAS has 100% uptime as it’s on a UPS. When I eventually got it mounted it was OK. Then it would drop the connection without me knowing. I then selected an MP3 to play, and it then hung. The only way to re-mount was to restart the Pi and the NAS, then re-scan, on a daily basis. Then it hung again, the only available menu items were the turn off and main menu. Yes I looked at the forums… tried all sorts with SSH but nothing.

I’ve posted on here for help, but I’ve had nothing in the way of replies (I acknowledge one chap has replied - thankyou)

I really wanted a product that I could turn on and use, not one I had to debug/restart/debug/restart the NAS/reprogram a USB stck everytime I used it.

I managed to get a second hand Squeezebox - never had a problem since.

Sorry guys, particularly to all those that pored for hours over the code to get it to work.

Hello Stevo,

sorry to hear your experience were not too good with Volumio. I myself have had also problems and although I have quite a lot of Linux knowledge I found it hard to fix all issues you can run into. I don’t think Volumio is to blame, but the fact that it’s a complex product and it’s difficult to get all possibilities (attaching NAS/USB) to run smoothly. (I regularly read the Forum posts and see all kinds of questions/problems/solutions passing by which I never thought of).

BTW, I read you went to Logitech Media Server as a replacement? Are running this on your Pi? If not then you still can reuse your Pi+HifiBerry with PiCorePlayer. I have this and it works like a charm !! The advantage is that PiCorePlayer is very small, is started and loaded entirely into memory, so when you pull the powerplug the SD-card will not become corrupted.

If you would like to know more about this send me a PM.


I’m sorry you haven’t find in Volumio the player you would like to…
But I invited you to come back very soon to test Volumio 2 which is a complete rewrite of the system.
have a look here :
see you soon :wink: :smiley: