Good evening from northwest Germany

Hi everybody,

some time ago I bought a Pi 3 to play around with - didn’t get very far though (yet).

A few weeks ago I started looking into lossless audio players to extend my “vintage” HiFi-System. Surprise, it does not come cheap!

And then I stumbled across Volumio - tried it with the Pi 3 and it gives very satisfying results already on the jack connector.

So now I am hooked - I revived an old 300 Gb hard drive and started to rip my CDs again. Currently I am using the Apple lossless format - I am one of the few who like iTunes on a PC :blush:

While writing this I am trying to “convince” a Raspberry Zero with a pHAT DAC to play some music - with changing luck. Sometimes it seems to be the Zero that just refuses to work, other times my iPhone forgets the Volumio connection - and it takes ages for the two to get it together again (young love - no routine yet :unamused:



Hi stephan,

Herzlich wilkommen, I trust the problems you have will either be adressed or maybe some tweaking will make them go away.
Anyways, have fun!