Going between volumio and python so i can program LEDS.

Basically i want to go between voluimo and my spotify playlist however when i run my music i want LEDS to turn on. So i would need to go between voluimo and python but i dont know how to.

Your python script will simply run in the background, or do you mean that you want it to operate in response to what Volumio is playing? This latter is rather more involved, but I am sure that you could do it as some form of plugin.

Thanks for the response. I want to run it when volumio is playing. So when a song is being played the leds will turn on a certain way. I was going to use libspotify but apparently spotify no longer is supporting it. I figure it is a plugin but when i install volumio can i still run other plugins and whats not? Because im assuming i have to replace my OS on the raspberry pi with voluimo so i dont know exactly what will happen.

You can run whatever you like on top of Volumio (within reason). It is simply an optimised version of Raspbian. I think it unlikely that you controlling leds from your python script will have any effect. The effects will come when you try to tie the two together, but I am still unclear as to how close this integration will be. Good luck and have fun with your tinkering :slight_smile: