Github open issues

Any idea how long we should expect before somebody actions on the problems listed there? My own issue (opened at request) has been open and unanswered for a month now? Is this normal?

Feeling entitled much?

How much are you actually contributing to move the project along?

Thanks for chiming in.
I edited the last bit of my post as it did indeed sound a bit needy, not my intention.

Previously I had no idea was Github was, I still don’t to be honest, as I was requested to post my issue there by a developer I presumed it was a place to congregate issues so developers could work on them.

My question was just that, and asking about a time frame.

I’m far too old to try and learn a new operating system and have zero experience with Linux or the raspberry pi.

I wasn’t aware I had to learn how to develop so I could use the software and ask questions on the provided help forum?
If this is the case then I look forward to reading all about the development you provide to drive the project forward.

I’ll also add that all my equipment was purchased from the Volumio shop, from which I believe they take a small commission from sales? In which case, in my small way, I am contributing.

Hi Anglepen,
I can understand your frustration, as it might seem that your report (and issues) are getting ignored by the team.

Let me clarify that it is indeed very useful for us to have the issues being there, and that we fix them on a priority basis, and we do our best to maximize the time and effort we put into making Volumio better.
Sure, we can do better and be faster in solving those, but this is the best we can do (you can’t imagine how much time goes into this project, as there are countless things to do).
So, bear with us, we’re not ignoring any feedback or issue, is just that we need to carefully choose what to prioritize.

I would like to remark once more that there are many ways of contributing to Volumio:

  • Writing some code or plugins for those skilled enough
  • Reporting errors and participating in a constructive manner to the community
  • Purchasing stuff from the shop, subscribing to MyVolumo, buying our apps, donating (financials are a necessary evil in running this project)
  • Giving ideas, suggestions, feedbacks

All of them are equally important, as this is not only a music player, but it is most important a community with the goal of creating the best music player there is, together (and everyone contributes with what he can).

Anglepen, what question? Post link here. This forum is more alive that github.

michelangelo, I have issue with github too.

I like volumio, I try be active on forum, I wrote one guide and I try to help if I can. But I have a issue with github. I need someone to confirm my changes. It’s right approach, but this delay.

I made pull request in volumio IR controller plugin. I added new IR controller. My PR is 10 day old. It is still without any interaction. I know you are busy, I understand your approach and priorities, but maybe you need delegate some work to capable people. I have very good experience with balbuze. He accepted my PR in incredible short time.

I write this comment not for only my one PR. I see this issues as important and can be solved without much effort:

  • add xiaomi tv remote control (my own code)
  • add comment about GPIO in IR remote plugin. I must search in forum for right pin.
  • publish new version IR remote plugin (in github is more IR controllers)
  • in kodi plugin is a bug with wrong name of UIConfig. Some beginner encountered a problem just yesterday.