Gidday from Italy

I’ve started using Volumio in 2014 with a Raspberry A.
No surprise it worked really bad, the hardware was soo poor! Now I have raspberry 2 and 3 (multiroom setup) with Hifiberry Digi dac and Dac+ respectively.

They both work really well.

Rest of the systems is a mess: lots of tube, digital and transistors amp to play with, a Lenco turntable in main system and an old ps1 when Raspberry is unavailable.

Ah, I forgot: only fullrange speakers for me, from altec 755e to fostex fe 103.

The forum is really great, nice support and a really friendly environment!


Hi Voluminol, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Hi GIDDAY, I am also atarting volumio in 2015, I am new in this community. I am from India.

Welcome aboard the both of you! :slight_smile: Any may you have many high fidelity hours