Getting the bluesound node remote to work on the pi

I am new with Volumio. I am trying to get my bluesound remote to work with the pi. I downloaded the plugin and i am kinda lost from there. Can anyone point me in the right direction.

Assuming you have a Bluesound RC1 Remote Control after enabling the IR Controller plugin you would have to select the profile named “Bluesound RC1” from the list on the plugin’s configuration page and click “Save”.

You may also have to adjust the GPIO pin setting on the plugin’s config page according to the GPIO pin your IR receiver is connected to. Be aware that the GPIO number is not the number of the physical pin to which the infrared receiver is connected, but the Broadcom pin number (BCM), cf. GPIO 25 at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout .

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I have done the first part. I saved the bluesound RC1. I was using a IR receiver on a usb. I guess I need one that hooks up to the pins. Any recommendation on a receiver.

I can’t make a recommendation in the strict sense, but e.g. a TSOP34838 or TSOP4838 should work. Make sure to connect the IR receiver’s supply voltage pin to a pin on the Pi delivering 3.3V (not 5V).

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Awesome! Thank you for the help.