Getting song info (metadata) from shairport-sync or API

Hi guys,

I am new to Volumio.
Wanted to tell you that you all did a great job, I’m a big fan!
Actually building a compact hifi system as a present to my daughter.
In order to display song’s info on the LCD (HD44780 compatible) I wrote a small python script.
Basically it relies on mpdlcd for MPD related data and it works.
For Airplay data however I tried to use tutorials here and here but they all are based on shairport whereas with Volumio you have moved to shairport-sync.
I tried to update /etc/shairport-sync.conf and add :

metadata = { enabled = "yes"; };

However when I restart Volumio, my changes are lost!
Is this done on purpose by Volumio?

I then tried to use Volumio API, but I don’t know how.
I tried this: volumio.local/GetState redirects to the UI page.
And even if it has worked, would it have give me shairport-sync metadata when it is not configured to output metadata?

If someone has managed to get shairport-sync metadata in any way, that person is more than welcome to share how.

Many thanks,


Am I alone trying to get shairport-sync metadata?
Any idea guys?

Thanks in advance