Getting Lag while browsing through Volumio Albums


My Volumio source is a folder I have created on my NAS Drive which has around some 1000 albums.

Everytime when I am using Volumio App on my iPad to access the albums and select the tracks, there is a huge lag while browing through the albums in the same folder.

Any thoughts / suggestions as why this might be happening as I keep adding new albums in this same folder to acces it through Volumio while playing songs on Volumio.

Please suggest as what should I do to avoid this lagging and should be able to browse throught the albums freely.

Thanks & Regards,

I’ve had to go to ‘tile display’ to get over this problem. Worth a try. My Mac gives no problems, just the iPad - not the latest one - but a disappointment all the same.

A few of things it could be …

Browser cache is deleted after each session. The first time the page is loaded it takes a long time to fetch the hundreds of images. The images are cached, which means the next time is way faster - unless the cache is cleared. Turn off auto clear.

Could be your wifi is slow.

It’s an old ipad that can’t keep up. I have a 7 year old ipad that just can’t cope, but super fast on all other devices.

Hey @SimonE I am not sure if it is the iPad as I tried the same in the latest ipad but I am facing same issues.

Someone please advise what could be the best way to close this lagging issue as due to this I am feeling to get out of Volumio as using Volumio will be no use that too after such a pathetic UI experience.

Please advise…