Getting a 20x4 LCD to work following Andy's tutorial

Hi all,

Followed everything to the letter and still can’t get the screen to display info.

Backlight comes on when I play something but no info displayed. Has anyone encountered this?
I also changed the screen size to 20x4 in the HD44780 driver section but still just a blank screen…

Any advice is much appreciated!

Have check and recheck your wiring ? Have set the contrast with the potentimeter ? I have a 2x16 lcd based on the same chip hd44780 (I have add a I2C back ) and I had to use a other driver to make it work with lcdproc. I don’t remember where it comes from… But with the one provide it was not ok. I’ll try to refind if you need.

Well, I had the same problem with 16x2 LCD. The potentiometer was not soldered correctly, thus I couldn’t adjust the contrast. I soldered it again and after adjusting the contrast, everything worked.

With a 20x4 display you need to change your LCDd.conf I guess (select the proper size).