Geshelli Labs JNOG2 (J2) with AK4493

Hello My Volumio Friends,

I have purchased a Geshelli Labs J2 DAC and am waiting for it to arrive. I assumed it would work with Volumio, but never thought to check the compatibility list (I know). I now see that it is not on the list. Does anyone know if it will work, is anyone running this combination and have any settings that would help me out? I appreciate any and all comments.

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Don’t see any reason why not. The Geshelli will take a USB data stream from any PC, Mac or Pi running Volumio and transform it into a (un)balanced line signal.

Thanks for the reply. I guess my question really is, is will it show up in the General Playback Options, under Output Device as USB: J2? Will Volumio have the necessary drivers or will I have to install some third party drivers for the DAC to be recognized?

I guess I will find out in the next couple of days :slight_smile: I will report back when it arrives in the mail and I get it connected up.

So how did it work? Did it work at all? Thank you very much.

So Geshelli Labs is so backed up with orders, that I have not received the J2 yet, so I have not been able to test it out. But when I get it, I will report back on if it works or not.

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Update on the J2.

I received my player and I connected it to my Volumio streamer and rebooted, and the J2 showed up as a Amanero Technologies Combo384 Module - USB class 2 to I2S 32bit and DSD output Adapter.

So far, everything has been working without any issues.

That sounds great! What do you use as a source? Tidal, local files?

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I am using local files saved on a Netgear ReadyNAS through gigabit internal network connection via ethernet.

That sounds good. What files do you have? Dsd, flac, red book? Thank you very much for your help.

Sorry for the long delay in getting back to you on this. I am using, MP3, FLAC, WAV, DSD, pretty much any file format.

No worries. I already pulled the plug on it and it sounds great. I use tidal and flac

Nice! Congrats, glad you like it.

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