German language pack does not work

Dear all,
in version 2.118 unfortunately the German language pack does not work:


Yes, we’ve already fixed that and will release an update this weekend

Excellent! Many Thanks :slight_smile:

Where is the update? I downloaded Volumio 2.118 today and made a fresh install but german still doesn’t work.

in 2.118 it dont work. And in yours also not? :smiley:
i think the next realese will be a higher number. maybe 2.119?
so stay tuned…sun will come

I had understood that so that the 2.118 package simply will be updated. :slight_smile:

So, 2 weeks later and still no update. Is there a workaround for this problem? If I have a look at the Volumio history it seems there won’t be an update in the near future. A short description how to fix it will do it, too… :wink:

What history are you looking to? What a way to mortificate the work we’re putting into this…

FIY a new update is scheduled this weekend. You can test a preview (untested but should work ok) here: …