Genre just random numbers

Running ver 2.224 (though the issue existed in 2.175 which I was running earlier this week)

I’ve currently loaded 1255 albums, which is only about a 1/4 of my collection, and although most things work fine (though it won’t pull images from id3 tags, which is fairly annoying) genre tags for about 1/8 of my files, somewhere in the neighbourhood of 200 albums from what I can tell, don’t work. Instead of displaying a genre it lists a random number and shows up as (127) or (16) or something similar. I’ve verified the tags for all the files are set correctly and resaved them using EasyTAG. A lot of these files I’ve had for years and have always displayed correctly in a variety of programs/systems; iTunes/iPod on mac, VLC, Windows Media Player, Quod Libet on linux, and EasyTag. It seems to be entire albums that all display an incorrect tag, as opposed to just random songs. It’s also from a variety of sources, for example some are downloads where the genre was already correctly set. Some were set through iTunes when I kept all my music on my mac. Some were set with EasyTAG on a linux system. It seems to effect both .mp3 and .flac files.