General questions on Volumio with DAC on Raspberry


I got three Raspberries and 3 different soundcards now. One Audiophile China board (still not mounted since I am missing the wires and do not know where to buy), one USB soundcard and a HifiBerry.

The latest runs fine at the moment!

It is connected to my router (with NAS access) via LAN/Ethernet since WLan always dropped conecting (though I did the proper changes to disallow power saving as found on this forum).
The HIFI is a decent Pioneer SA-508 and DALI boxes.

My question is this:

Is it good practice to stream music from my PC? My convinient scenario is to start AirStream ( tiny software to allow any audio software running on Windows to connect via UPNP to other renderers on hte home LAN as far as I understand). Airstream then streams my Spotify desktop application or deskop radio software or MediaMonkey to Volumio.
I controll then even the volume via the desktop software.

I wonder if I am misunderstanding totally the basic idea of a DAC connected to Volumio.

Could it be that I am using this way proccessing audio techniques of my PC or is still all being made audible via the HifiBerry and then my old amplifier Pioneer SA-508?

Or is this convenient way totally wrong and I have to choose and play my music only via Volumio Android apps or browser Web GUI in order to benefit most?

thank you for reading my question and all answers helping me to reenter the world of music

I stopped listening to music for ca. 10 years! I had no devotion since my music set up was always less than acceptable and listening stressed me some how (sub optimal music box positioning and not understood after effects by modern amps on my stereo set up). Now with a damn good old pure stereo amp I am more than happy again!