Gaps in playback Volumio 2


I upgraded to Volumio 2 from 1 a few months ago. I’ve had issues that i didn’t have or expect. One that really surprises me that I have gaps between all tracks, making some albums or tracks within an album that once flowed now have about a second or so gap. The only setting I can see that even comes close to addressing this is “Gapless MP3 Playback”, although almost none of my files are MP3. Regardless when I click it on, and hit save nothing happens. I’ve tried waiting for 10-15 minutes. I’ve tried just going back and playing something, but there is the wait for it to save the changes, which doesn’t happen and you are right back to OFF. I don’t think this is the right setting anyway. But I can’t be the only person having this issue. I also posted about a playback problem, back in January, and no one has responded to that. Any suggestions would be appreciated.