Gaps in payback

Hi there, Noob to this forum. Great job on Volumio. Exactly the solution I was after to replace my Revo Mondo. HiFi Adapter.

Hi, I am having issues with gaps during playback of MP3s from my NAS.

The setup is:
Raspberry Pi with Wireless adapter
Seagate-41416F NAS,
Both have static IPs set on the router.
Share is Public/Music
Output to HDMI

I have increased the buffer before playback to 30% and increased the buffer to 4096 (doubled it).

However I am still getting gaps in the playback. Could you suggest anything? This only happens when accessing the NAS, the internet radio feeds work fine. I usually encode my MP3s at VBR with a baseline of 160KBS.

Can you specifyc which type of wifi adapter you have (you can run the command “sudo lsusb” to give more information.

I had a Realtek 8188CUS based wifi USB dongle and I couldn’t get enough data fast enough (high latency, dropped packets, etc). I found a RaLink 5370 at my local shop and it works much better.

RALink RT5370

Quick update. I was messing around with Ping yesterday and learned that the latency for the Pi’s WiFi dongle is all over the place. Peaking at 150ms sometimes. Plus it showed a lot of time outs for transmit. So I am going to mess with a new dongle and see if that makes a difference.

I did also drop the buffer down to half a Mb and upped the buffer before playback to 30% which oddly helped a little.

Do you have the builtin ethernet enabled? I found on my system when it’s disabled it causes a lot of gaps in playback.