Future Spotify Connect support

I was curious as to whether Spotify’s announcement of their reduced support for device integration will affect the spotify connect and spotify connect 2 plugins. If the plugin is based off of the Spotify integration with Squeezebox, then it appears as though Spotify will be disabling this capability:
support.spotify.com/us/listen_e … y-speaker/

Are there plans to continue a native Spotify app device integration with Volumio? I realize Spotify can be controlled from the Volumio interface, however I personally much prefer controlling Spotify through the Spotify app.

I wouldn’t worried. As our spotify connect support comes from a seperate pluging, we are free to update this when needed.
Spotify just drops support to cut down their codebase.

TBH I see this more as an argument to use volumio for spotify vs any build in solution, as the build in solution WIL get dropped at some point

Awesome, thanks for the answer!