FusionDsp : the complete Dsp center for Volumio3!

Everything is explained in the online help in FusionDsp.! See : FusionDsp How-to
In short, place the text file with your eq in the shared folder named PEQ of FusionDsp.
Go in FusionDsp and set mode in parametric EQ mode.
Scroll down to “import local” section. Select your file, the scope of needed and press “Load file”.


I created a video of how to do the basic room correction from start to finish, would be great to get some feedback on it before I make it public…


Thanks a lot for this video!
Some tips:
FusionDsp can install sweep and pink noise files using ‘tools’ menu section (scroll down).
You can do that for both channels separately.
REW can generate convolution filter too.
REW can export impulse as wav to generate filter in FusionDsp using DRC-FIR in convolution filter menu
Well done!

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Thanks for the feedback, maybe Ill do another video in the future with the more advanced features like convolution and FIR.

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Hey Leo,

Thank you so much for this super comprehensive video.
Thanks also to Balbuze for sure to make it possible at all :slight_smile: .

I am playing around with REW and already have been able to improve the sound linearity a lot - but now i got the important details to get it perfect.

Bought the UMIK1 two years ago - and trying - now i know how to deal with it.

That is hammer +

One of my listening rooms is very difficult and from now on i do have perfect sound even there. (switching between 2 configs - depending on my current listening position.

Thank you so much for explaining in detail - i didn’t study to be an audio engineer, but it’s super important to me.

I do own 2 PecanPi’S v1 and v2 bought in used condition and prefer them a lot.
Beside i do own 2 Allo Kathanas and the well known RME thingy. (all bought in used condition).

I will keep on recommending the Pecan thingies to everybodie’s asking me.

My absolutely very best Regards



The problem is that Volumio playback freezes forever until reboot when playing music
Usually a song completes but wont play a new one, whether on the playlist or if I select a song. I so far have not detected a pattern. When the freeze happens, I notice that I can still navigate through Volumio menus, but wont play a song.The problem was most prevalent when running room measurement sweeps with REW. This problem also occurs when Fusiondsp effects are diasabled - e.g. measurement sweeps. I generally get 2-4 sweeps before it freezes. This only started to be noticeable after starting to use Fusiondsp.
My config is RPI4 with latest version of Volumio and Fusiondsp. It streams to a RMe ADI-2 DAC using XLR cables.
Here is what I have done so far:
I noticed that RPI4 temperature was getting into the low 80’sC which could be causing throttling. I installed a new large heatsink with built in fan.
I installed a Python script that runs the fan.
The temperature now is in the 34-45C level, sometimes higher. No effect on symtoms.
I use FIR filters from RePhase. 65,532 taps. Clipping detection on,
Any assistance would be appreciated.

  • Tonywsea

Please, send logs. It is needed to try to understand.
Does the problem occurs with FusionDsp disabled? ( The plugin, not the effects)

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I will try with DSP disabled and reboot after work today, I will look for log and send.
Many thanks

I’m on a Mac and would like to add convolution files to FusionDSP. I’m using Volumio on a Raspberry Pi. How do I add the .wav files to the appropriate folder. I’ve been searching on the internet and I find very little - something about SSH, etc. I’m not a techie guy at all.

I have several convolution files I’d like to add - I forgot which folder. I think I need to use terminal, but how?

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Volumio shares a folder on your network. In this folder, there a sub folder FusionDsp

convolution filters must be placed in /filters folder.
See : FusionDsp How-to
As I’m not an Apple user, I can’t help for this part… Sorry
Maybe an other user?

Thank you. However, I don’t see these folders. I. removed the SD card from the Raspberry and mounted the SD card with the Volumio software on it to a USB hub. I still don’t see these folders.

There is folder /INTERNAL/FusionDsp on the SD card. But you should be able to access it through the network when the Rpi is on.

Thanks, but where is it? How do I access it. I’ve looked both when the SD card is in a hub and running on the Raspberry. Do I need a PC to do this rather than a Mac?

Search on how to access a samba share from a Mac.

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Thank you. Perfect. Quick and easy.

Hi Balbuze

I ran many sweeps and songs with plugin disable and system works fine - no freezes. When I enable, problem re-surfaces. Curiously, when I disable effects it still fails. Here is the tail of the log:


Turning off plugin works no freezes.
Diasabling the effects still freezes.

Here is the log


Do you set in FusionDsp or in pure CamillaDsp gui?
Can send volumio log please. (go in IP/Dev)

I use fusiondsp interface only at the moment. Here is link to log file.


Hi Balbuze

Is rhere any furrher info you need from me on the freezing issue?
I connect over usb to rme adi-2 dac which has been rock solid. I use 96k sample rate filters from rephase, 64 bit ieee mono .wav files, and have resample turned on. If it might help, i could produce fiters for each resolution and have it switch between them rather than resample.