FusionDSP and MQA


I’ve been using FusionDSP for a few months to EQ my headphones - what a great plug in - thanks for all the hard work!!

I have been using Spotify, but now I’m experimenting with Tidal and MQA. With FusionDSP disabled, I get passthrough of MQA and my DAC shows MQA is detected and unfolded etc. by the DAC. With FusionDSP enabled, the DAC goes back to PCM. If the stream is adjusted by FusionDSP (which is expected with a DSP in the pipeline), then where is the unfolding etc. done? What am I listening to? MQA adjusted via DSP (where is the unfolding done?) , or something else (e.g. 44.1 24 lossless???).


You probably don’t want to hear this but just ditch MQA. It’s a scam.

I should have seen that coming!

I’m trying to evaluate for myself - I’ve read plenty on both sides!!

Volumio has no MQA license so it will only work with passthrough of the stream to a MQA compatible DAC. Since you with Fusion DSP modify the stream the best guess is that you get a truncated 44.1/16 version of the MQA 48/24 version, like always with MQA it’s not totally clear what you’re getting. I switched to Qobuz because “it does exactly what it says on the tin”.

Right - that’s what I thought must be happening. Thanks for the input.

I won’t enter the debat about MQA, but MQA can’t be manipulated without loosing “extra data ( that indicates the led to turn blue ,:grimacing:)”. Even volume control can’t be use in Volumio it seems (not sure as I don’t use Tidal…)
I can just say that you can hear improvement done by a DSP… Not sure someone did for MQA …
My 2 CTS…

Thank you balbuze - Love your plugin!

I close this thread. For FusionDsp please use : FusionDsp : the complete Dsp center for Volumio3! - #702 by balbuze