FTP into RPI4 VOlumio image?

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: v3–>
Hardware: RPI4 8GM
DAC: Raspberry Pi HiFi DAC came with the Argon NANO


Simple question, I can SSH into my Volumio setup and the WEB UI is great, but I tend to add entire volumes of music at once, for example Christmas is coming, so I have about 100 CDs worth of christmas MP3s to add.

Seems as though FTP would be the simplest method, only I cant figure out how to get one setup.

The Argon NANO system is one of the best plug and pray Volumio setups Ive seen, but right now I either physically unplug my drives and move them into my office to perform copies, or what I am trying now is placing another RPI headless, next to the argon and just moving the drives from one to the other. Not horrible, but Im sure there is a better way.

I have been told that copy through SSH can be done, Ive just never succeeded, and I dont know if its because of my naming conventions or just cant plain type.

Any and all suggestions appreciated. Im always loving learning!



from where do you want to ssh for pc i can help

Enable ssh on the Pi and if you have a PC or mac, install an sftp client like filezilla, win-scp, cuteftp etc.

No need to install software.
Just read Audio Sources - Volumio Documentation
At the bottom of the page

Yes, that is what I did before I setup my NAS. I just assumed for mindwave that samba had not been available.


Thanks for the rapid reply, I completely forgot the SFTP option.

Your right, works like a charm!