From RuneAudio to Volumio

Hi all,

First I have to say that I’m new here and my english is not so good, so please be gentle. I have used Rune for a while and have this project made by me wich I want to transform to a Volumio project first of all because I think Volumio support AKM DACs and second because I want to try something new.

My current project: RPi 3 + HiFi Berry clone + 16x4 LCD + Arduino UNO standalone ( used to standby the system, to interface control Volume +/- , Track +/- , pause/play from rotary encoders and also to receive remote commands ) + bandpass filter . All comannds from Arduino goes to RPi via GPIO only.

Now I want to change HiFi Berry clone with one AK4495 , to add Kali reclocker ( need it to deliver Master clock for AKM ) and to change Rune with Volumio. Soon I’ll receive the DAC with Kali and start conversion. If I’ll get stuck then I will ask for help else you will get my conclusions .

PS: My second project is finished : one stabilized LM3886 amplifier with one TDA7318 ( volume , bass , treble and inputs selection ) controlled by arduino

For all of this you can see some pictures here :


And amplifier ( no, not the Marantz :laughing: , is too old and now is just a backup )


Wow, guess you like DIY!

Thank you!.

Electronics was first a hobby for me and after that a job. Most of my DIY projects was in audio domain starting 25 years ago with QUAD 405 and LA3600.

KlassikRadio running on the tiny screen … my favorite!!!