Fresh install, playback worked for 15 minutes ...

So i just got my raspberry pi revision b + hifiberry digi working …

… for a song or 10. Now every time i want to start a song, it goes to “pause” immediately. Tried full shutdown and restart, problems remains. How do i go about troubleshooting this?

Music come from: NAS? USB-Stick? USB Harddrive? Stream?
Connection over Wlan or Lan?

Do you start your Music over the Web Interface?

The music comes from a windows pc running windows 8.1, the connection is over wifi. But i dont have the impression that this is network related.

Music was started using web interface, but also via Mpad (ipad app)

edit: just to rule out hardware issues, i just tried an SD card with the hifiberry test image, and that does work.