Fresh install of Valumio and not working Realtek 8811CU

Realtek 8811CU is on compatiblity list but it doesn’t work.
Any tips how to solve this issue?

Welcome to Volumio! :slight_smile:

Could you add some more information about what version and device you are running?

#### Volumio Information

Volumio Version:

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.873
Hardware: Raspberry PI 2B v1.1
DAC: Internal

RTL8811AU is in that list, but not RTL8811CU as far as I can see.

Ups, I just recheck. Only 8811AU.
Any chance for 8811CU support?
Maybe someone solve the problem using latest version of Volumio and Pi 2b?

If the driver is not a part of the standard kernel, then it would need to be compiled. You will need to wait for someone more knowledgeable as to how that would be incorporated into Volumio, particularly in respect to Volumio updates.

Edit: this article (for RPi4) might be of interest to you, but the potential problem of Volumio updates will still need to be addressed.

On the Raspberry pi, the out of tree drivers for Jesse are pulled from the kind MrEngman’s compiled drivers tarballs.

So this could include the following (depending if it’s been compiled for the kernel version being packaged…)


With buster on the Pi we don’t pick any out of tree drivers (yet).
You could compile it yourself, but bear in mind you would need to do this for every update that bumps the kernel…

OK, so this is not good direction.
Any advice for good dual band wifi dongle (which chipset) with (option) external antenna?