Forum - Highlighting issue in Firefox and IE

Dear Volumio devs,

Marked text in the forum “editor” is not highlighted if using Firefox (latest 10 versions) and Internet Explorer (latest Win7 version).
While in Firefox the highlighting is totally invisible, there is a very very very decent highlighting in IE that can be “feeled” only on very good monitors.
With Chrome it is ok - but some may not have Chrome everywhere and maybe also prefer Firefox over Chrome for security/privacy reasons.

I know it has been formerly reported somewhere on the forum but has not been addressed until now - so i thought it might be a good idea to take a few screenshots to make it clearer.

This is how marked text looks in Firefox (note: the word “text” is marked and can be copied):

In IE it’s looking this way (note: the word “seems” is marked and can be copied):

In Chrome it is working so far but also could look a little bit more visible:

I think this could be easily fixed by setting the highlighting a bit less decent in the forum config.

Best Regards


Already reported a while back - shop-cart-phantom-primos-t12107.html#p62363

Ended up just disabling it the inputbox background-color via greasemonkey…