Format Volumio flash drive

Hi! I need advice on how to reformat my Volumio flash drive. I used Etcher to write the iso to the drive, booted my PC using the drive then used the option to write Volumio to the HDD. Now I’d like to use the flash drive to store some music but none of my PCs will read it anymore. How to I reformat my flash drive so it is just a blank drive again?

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Use the SD card formatter found at SD Association website (this used to be in the Volumio Quick Start Guide).

Thank you!!

Hello. Glad that worked.
Alternatively you can…
1 plug in drive
2. Open admin cmd prompt
3. Type diskpart
4. List disk to find your usb stick (carefully)
5. Write the disk # down if unsure
6. Let’s say it’s disk 5 . Select Disk 5
7. Clean
Note if you pick the wrong disk you will wipe it so use carefully.
To verify if unsure: write down drive letters
Pull drive. List disk again and look for missing drive. Verify drive # . Plug drive in again. List disk. Verify # by name and capacity. Clean the disk. Exit.
You can also create and format a partition on the drive .
After Clean:. Create partition primary. Active. Select partition 1. Format FS= ntfs quick. Exit.

Be careful to clean the correct drive.