For sale Ian Canada FifoPi Ultimate


Without a doubt the best update for those who use rapsberry pi and dac i2s. It does many things and all very well. FIFO Reclocker with upgradeable clocks, Crysteks work very well (although not a cheap upgrade). Possibility of feeding the Rapsberry Pi with 5v filtered. Galvanic isolation of the i2s outputs. Dop decoder to dsd, the Rapsberry pi does not output an active dsd signal, this way it does. Be careful, you need a dac that can work synchronously.

Price 100 euros transport by the buyer.

Photos by private


I’m interested in your fifopi. Plz PM me.


Ah, sorry for misunderstanding. Just wanted to buy your fifopi, but can not use PM yet as I didnt have enough useful posts here.
Anyway, is there any way to communicate but PMs with you, jazz?