For Sale: Dell Wyse 3040 x86 Thin Clients with pre-installed Volumio for 50€!

Both working:



Can I send you an x86 testimage (locally built, no myVolumio) to verify whether the wireless dongles still work with kernel 6.1.1?

@others: anyone else willing to test wireless with an x86 alpha version, based on kernel 6.1.1?
It supports a number of newer broadcom and realtek wireless chip revisions, which failed with our previous 5.10 kernel (meaning chip was basically supported, but the newer hw revisions were not).

Please PM email addresses when interested.

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Sure, Does it already contain myvolumio?

No, it is a locally built image, meant for platform tests.
As soon as I have enough positive feedback, I will build a beta version with all whistles and bells.

Ok, sent me the link and I will try to test tomorrow. Otherwise early next week.

early next week is fine, i’ll send the link.

I’ll take this request to the x86 thread as well, perhaps I will find more dongle users, not just the “customers” from here (who may have a dongle because internal wifi was never present in any of my units).

TP-LINK Archer T2U Plus
works out of the box.
Chipset is RTL8811AU

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@noiro Thanks for the feedback.
That one was not part of the x86 kernel tree and has specifically been added for Volumio’s 5.10.y kernel
It would be very interesting to know whether it (still) works with the kernel 6.1.y as I had to get it from a different source

The TP-Link AC1300 (rtl88x2bu) was also added and confirmed working with 6.1.y

Also still missing are confirmations for rtl8821cu (e.g D-Link DWA-171) and rtl8723du (found in some notebooks) chipsets

Volumio-0.001 with kernel 6.1, test image download location

Hi Gé,

Do you still want me to test? (rtl8191 & rtl8812bu)

@Wheaten I found an AC1300 in my drawer, appears to work fine.
The other one (Humax) appears to be a Ralink (RT2870/RT3070) with standard support in the existing kernel source tree.

RT2870/RT3070 => Works
rtl88x2bu => Works

(Seems I haven’t updated in a while, V0.001. :smile: )

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You still got some of these kickin around?

PM please with your address and I’ll return the details


I use low version numbers for locally built images on purpose, it allows you to OTA update to a regular release one.

Smart thinking. Saved a lot of hassle to roll back.
Was able to roll back via volumio updater forceupdate

Good evening, my dell arrived today. I think I need some hints now
Connected it on the net with net cable connection.
Tried to find it on the net with IP address but could not. I think net parameters are not the ones for my net ( seems quite reasonable…)
I have no usb mouse, keyboard or monitor (can provide them I think).
Should I connect it to a monitor and so, and then set net parameters? After that can I access it via browser, of the phone for example, and work from there?
What cable is needed to connect a monitor? Displayport right?

Yeah, you need a keyboard, mouse and monitor, as you need to select to boot from USB.
Dell has indeed a digital displayport.
please have a look here, there are some notes

Ok, thank you whe, I will provide what is needed.

So will it then show up the bios after start? Then I select boot from usb and from that it will always starts volumio from next bootings?

That fully depends if you always want to run it form USB, or install it to the internal eMMC. If you want to run from USB only you need to configure the BIOS as such.