For Sale: Dell Wyse 3040 x86 Thin Clients with pre-installed Volumio for 50€!

thank you Giovanni, I have no flashing nor red light but if this is the case also for me I would ask a little guide or hint on how to change that battery, If possible. If you also have some information on what type of battery is needed would help me

ok whe, will get the cable and have a look at what happens when it turns on, thank you

If the battery is empty, the Dell will blink Orange for 60 sec. If it’s not doing that, the battery is still OK.


Yeah, it was acting like that (I said “red” light, sorry )


So, the battery is a CR 2032, already assembled with wire and connection. I mean something like this SHOULD BE the replacement:

I said “should be” since the replacements we got came from a computer store.

Substitution was easy, but I’ll try and do a small guide by tomorrow evening.


Thank you

I ve found this

Maybe can be useful to verify specs and see if the ones on Amazon are the right model

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Well, the battery is a CR2032 for sure. I’m not sure about the connector, though.

Anyway, here is an the original battery, with its brand & P/N (tianqiu 023.22032.0311):


Yes, this has happened and since the last 2 batches I have replaced the cmos batteries before shipping, including the one from @ryp.
It is not so much the age of the battery, more how long a devices has not been used and sucking on the battery. As long as the unit is connected to power, the battery is not used.

I buy the cmos batteries form in sets of 5:
They are compatible with the dell wyse, the plug is important!!

Good evening, today things works.

I was mistaking again and this has lead to the problem, will test more but at the moment it seems solved.

I noticed today that if another thing connect to my net before I start the dell is possible that this newcomer with DHCP will get the fixed IP number I have given to the dell. In that case volumio change automatically the IP to the first one that is free. At a new restart it comes back to the chosen IP if it is free, if not it behaves again as above.

I had not thought that this could have been the problem as I have mainly fixed ip on my net (except for coming and goings phones connecting to WiFi sometimes :frowning: ), and was not aware of that behaviour of volumio. Was also wrongly thinking that the fixed ip would have remained free, but maybe this have to be set also on the modem.

Furthermore I was not investigating in that sense as I have scanned and settled the net at the beginning, believing that all was then ok. I think that I was previously making the mistake of not giving enought power to the dell at boot, starting the amp before. Was mumbling about that but that was solved and the problem was another.

Now I have assigned to the dell a high number of IP address, this should leave it working in peace

I write what above to give a report and maybe help others who could face similar issues. It would not be a complain, I think the dell is well worth the cost, am thankful to gé for his great work and am also receiving here a lot of help and support

Thanks for the feedback, please post any other issue or question in the x86 help thread. This threas is intended for sales questions and issues. Yours have been answered now.

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I have 8 units left and these are going to be the last ones.
After selling approx. 50 I probably saturated the market;)
There will not be any additional batches coming.
Please PM in case of interest, volume discount can be offerered.

I am interested. Can you PM me?

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normally you pm me, but ok :wink:

The last 2 available, I won’t re-stock.


I talked with @gkkpch and after test I give you know that:

If your Wyse 3040 is without WiFi card you can add Azurewave aw-cm389ma:

I tested it with both - WiFi and BT. Works good with Volumio !!

More here:

The company where I bought the card still has about 80 of them. I bought the antenna separately and if I know that it works, I look for a cheap source to make a cheaper set. I don’t know how works USB dongle WiFi but here is much better than Pi WiFi.

If you want to use Wyse with LCD here is table with all resulution for 3040:


I picked up second WYSE3040 and now I try to find some awesome project to make ( have something in my head but don’t want boring you )

Here is Wyse with original and added WiFi :

You can see that on Wyse orginaly with WiFi on bottom label is MAC adrress of WLAN card.

I have 3 more devices for sale.
Same conditions as mentioned in post #1 for a version without Wi-Fi wireless (two available).
One available with original WiFi and Bluetooth +20€.
All three in excellent state.

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