Follow up to UI blinking

I made a previous post I could not find, UI blinks on LG TV.

I made adjustments to my HDR settings on my tv and problem persists.

On a different issue, in settings, if I select continuous it will only play a single song from my playlist. If I select single it plays a single track as expected. Oddly, when single is selected I can play a track in my list by tapping it, but not when continuous is selected. When on continuous and I tap on a track it will play a random track farther down the list.

On startup, my iPad/remote is not always recognized. If I close Volumio and restart, it recognizes Rivo and starts right up.

With these various issues, I have found Volumio and/or Rivo to be very glitchy so far. My hope is there is a simple solution so this product lives up to its promotion and price. I am so far somewhat disappointed.


David McDonald

@DED could you pick this up.

best regards,

Hello David,

Can you please raise a ticket HERE

I will follow up your request personally
Please fill it out all the ticket’s fields in order to have much more infos as possible

Thank you

I have already done this with no luck. I’ll try again when I have a minute.