Flirc and programming

Hey guys.
So after an awesome suggestion from a forum user, I got a flirc adapter and am trying to use it with a harmony ultimate one, which apparently they support right out the box having pre-programmed a script for them.
I can’t get mine to operate correctly even though I went into flirc to redo buttons, all I get is pause which if I hit twice also does play and next track via the touch screen on remote.
Had anyone been able to figure these out properly so it can do all next/last track, play, pause, and what does the hamburger come under? What if I want to switch from listening to usb stick to tidal? How do I get the hamburger to show it’s menu?
I dontt know if it will help, and I’m fairly crap at programming so I don’t know if triggerhappy will help me.
Can anyone point me in the right direction to be able to program my remote to do normal things and at least bring up the menu so I can switch?

Many thanks guys.

there are only a few default actions with IR. If you need other functionality you need to program you’re own logic as scripts and call that under a button.

volume mute                        Mutes
volume unmute                      Unmutes
volume toggle                      Mutes/Unmutes
volume plus                        Increases Volume of one step
volume minus                       Decreases Volume of one step
seek plus                          Forwards 10 seconds in the song
seek minus                         Backwards 10 seconds in the song
seek <seconds>                     Plays song from selected time
repeat                             Toggles repetition of queue
random                             Toggles randomization of queue


toggle                             Toggles between play/pause

"node /data/plugins/user_interface/randomizer/randomTracks"

This what i have on the harmony one, i have no tidal or other only the basics :)