FLAC Streams

…have now arrived in the community. There are a few I favor and defined in my Favorite list in Volumio. I still like to see an easier interface to manage all the various .pls and .m3u files from various sources. Right now they are in Dropbox as individual files, so I can pull them into my hi-res mobile phone. FLAC streams consume a massive amount of bandwidth. The mobile experience is less than stellar (I live in San Franciso, the “tech capital in the world” and it sucks), but at home, over wifi, it is not a problem. My best in the category are:

Intense Radio (NL): secure.live-streams.nl:80/flac.flac (awesome Techno!)
Radio Paradise (US): need to use Volumio plugin…for some reason the great folks at RP can’t figure how to provide a working URL for the stream.
Absolute Classic Rock (UK): icecast-beta.timlradio.co.uk/abs … icrock.ogg (unfortunately compressed and commercials)
Absolute Radio (UK): icecast-beta.timlradio.co.uk/absoluteradio.ogg (same as above)

Anyhow…this is just my personal list. There are others, but it’s hit and miss. Go here for more: radiobit.50webs.com/ (not updated)


Thanks for the links!