flac file changes UI behavior

I have generated flac files from a DVD. I suspect there is something wrong with the file format since it causes strange behavior in the Volumio queue. Since the error only occurs with these particular files, I assume there is nothing wrong with Volumio per se, however perhaps it could be made better if there were a way to prevent these file errors from taking hold.

Some of the observed oddities:

  • playing the file does not change the play button (top center) to the pause or stop symbol. The only way to stop playing the file is to play a “good” file and then stop it. If the top center play button is pressed while the bad file is playing, the UI will restart.
  • It is not possible to rearrange the order of elements in the queue until the bad file is removed and a good file is selected for play.
  • The small green play button above the album image of a bad track does not display for the selected (and currently playing) track, but instead shows up for another track 2 or 3 items down the queue.
  • Removing bad tracks by selecting the “x” in the queue refreshes the list, as opposed to simply removing the track for a queue of only “good” files.

I have attached one problematic file as an example.

Volumio 2.344
test1.zip (3.77 MB)