[Fixed] Artists and Albums repeated in Library

The library is showing repeated artists and albums. When I select one of them, all are selected so, for example, I see two albums ABCD and when I select one of them, they are both selected and I can see all the songs.

A comment on this: I have a folder for each album and it seems it is creating a different artist for each folder besides it’s the same name. I don’t have several folders for the same album but albums also are repeated. The problem doesn’t seem to be related to case sensitivity.

Does anyone experienced the same? Is there any easy fix for this?


Debugging the code I realized the problem is due different genres for the same album. Maybe a song is Acoustic and another is Rock and it shows two genres, two albums with the songs in each. This is because the data is in a tree form genre-artist-album-song.

Is there any way of changing this besides normalizing the genres?


Ok, I fixed it doing the following hack to js/player_lib.js

before pushing the artist into the allArtists array:

            if($.inArray(artist, allArtists)===-1)          

and before pushing the album into the allAlbumbs array:

if(allAlbums.filter(function(a){ return a.album === album)}).length===0)


Hi ivowiblo,

Thanks for reporting this bug. It’s actually already fixed but in the current development version, you’ll only see it in the next release. So for the time being, you can keep your own patch :wink:

Good to know!


:smiley: Thank you for your work ivowiblo! :smiley:

Could you please tell me where exactly I have to place the new code? I´m not the programming guy. The “player_lib.js” is pretty long…
Besides I have another problem: Not all covers are displayed in the remote clients (20% are missing!). All music is structured as followed:
\Music\Artist1[year] Album1\allTitlesofAlbum1.flac
\Music\Artist1[year] Album2\allTitlesofAlbum2.flac

\Music\Artist2[year] Album1\allTitlesofAlbum1.flac

In every album folder is a “cover.jpg”.
I can´t see any common things between covers which showed up and covers which don´t.

thank you!


About duplicate artists:

Open player_lib.js and search for text “allArtists.push(artist);”
Then insert the “if” instruction provided by ivowiblo, before this line. You should have:

for (var artist in fullLib[genre]) {
    if($.inArray(artist, allArtists)===-1)
    if (filters.artists.length == 0 || filters.artists.indexOf(artist) >= 0) {

Then you may repeat the operation with “allAlbums.push(objAlbum);” ; BUT there’s a problem with the code provided by ivowiblo for albums: it would consider as duplicate 2 albums with the same name, even if they’re from different artists.
Maybe something like this would work (I DIDN’T TEST, I’m not 100% sure)

if($.inArray(objAlbum, allAlbums)===-1)

Tanks a lot jotak for your explanations!

So, I changed the lines as stated, but I still had artist names repeated. In my case the reason was, that the affected artists were assigned to different genres. I have many artists where this is the case. So, that´s not the showstopper, I can live with that. But still there are not showing up 20% of my covers.
I´m using MPRemote. In every album where the cover is missing, the titles 08 and 09 are missing there numbers and they are moved in front of all others. So, you will see 2 titles without numbering and then going on 01, 02 til 07, 10, etc. . That´s strange and it happens allways with the same albums. I don´t know, why this happens…
Volumio as a player ist great, but I need a client, which has a wall of covers or at minimum a cover beside the album name.
In MPDroid I only get covers when I choose an artist and the local covers are not loading automatically. Besides in this program I´m loosing from one second to the other 90% of my library (ca. 500 albums).
sound@home has no covers on a selection side, you have to navigate through folders.
Mupeace: the covers are not loading, only large album covers could be displayed (that makes 2 side by side in 250 rows).
Droid MPD Client: Covers only when music ist is choosen or playing.
So, that are all clients which I know for an android tablet. The woman acceptance factor for all of this programs is still negativ.
In the meantime I have to stay with OpenElec and Yatse as client. With that client my wife can handle the thing. But with OpenElec you will have resampling to 48 khz… so bit perfect playing is gone.
So the search goes onward…

Anyway, thanks a lot for the help and if anyone has found a good working client for Volumio with cover displayed for selection, please PN me!!!


For duplicate entries: can you try clearing your browser’s cache?

For the album covers: I’ve read on the forum that there’s some ongoing developments for cover album support in Volumio playback view. It’d be nice also to integrate it in the library, that’s probably one of the next features to implement. I can’t say when it will be ready :frowning: Neither can I help you about the MPD client that would display covers as you’d like, I don’t know half of what you quoted.

The most obvious reason I see for this, would be your files 08 and 09 titles are not correctly tagged?? You should check them using the appropriate software

That was my first guess too. All music is tagged with mp3tag and all other programs I used before (foobar2000, some MP3 standalone player, MPDroid etc.) were ok. I already tried to tagged some of the albums new, but had no luck at all.
Hopefully we will get some cover support in Volumio soon!

Have a nice weekend