First Volumio connection with a Raspberry Pi Zero W


I want to build a internet-radio with an old Telefunken radio. Therefore I want to use the old Telefunken speaker. I have already built a stereo system with an raspberry Pi 3. But this time I want to take the Zero W (and a hifiberry mini amp).

Now I have a question (before I buy everything). With the Raspberry Pi 3 I have done the first setup with a LAN connection. However the Raspberry Zero W has no LAN. So I am interested to know how you are connect a raspberry Pi Zero W to internet at the first time? Is it necessary to work with SSH? Can someone give me an answer please?



The RPi0 should set up a wireless hotspot on first boot. Log onto this from a mobile etc. and access in a browser

Thanks a lot. Seems that I can compare it with the setup of a “Repeater”. Correct?

If you go to that IP address in your browser you should get to a series of set up screens where you can do things like add your home network etc. After that, the device should just be a part of your home LAN rather than offering it’s own hot spot.


I wonder what other people experience when installing Volumio on RPi0.

As of last build my RPi0 does not connect with my home SSID after configuring WiFi.
So connecting to Volumio hotspot works, but when wifi networking is restarted to complete configuration: No connection :frowning:

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I have the exact same issue using a RPI0 W with HIFI Berry DAC+, after initial installation via wi-fi (SSID Volumio). It is not visible in my network and I cannot reach it in any way?
Does anyone have any suggestions?
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I also use a Rpi0 with an external usb drive for music, connected to WLAN, audio out is a usb soundcard.
My version of Volumio is 2.502 as of October, 31st.

I also have these problems with stable wifi connection.
It somewhat helps if you use a fixed IP instead of DHCP. You can configure this under network settings.
As said this helps a bit. Sometimes my system runs for 3 days, sometimes for only minutes.

To test if you have the same problem as me, just shut down your wifi once you were connected and see
if the RPi
1: Fires up its hotspot (if this was set to automatic)
2: Reconnects to your wifi anyway regardless of the hotspot settings

If this works your problems are of another nature.

If your RPi does not reconnect and you have to kill the device by mains unplug: Welcome to the club.
Atm there seems to be some “issues” within the networking…