First Time Raspberry Pi 1 B setup problem

I have decided to use a redundant Raspberry pi 1 as a cd player. I have installed volumio on a 8GB card and successfully set up the wifi so I can control it from my Laptop. The cd player is connected to the RPi using a powered USB hub. I have installed the Nanosound CD plugin. However the only thing I can do is eject the CD from the Nanosound CD settings page! If I insert a CD and then select Nanosound CD I don’t get a track list , just a blank page. I previously used the player with the same RPi with Kodi and this plays the CD but without much functionality so I think all the hardware is OK. Any suggestions ?

Just to update you I have now solved everything. On the Nanosound forum I found a similar post which was solved by re-flashing the SD card, they also recommend using a 16Gb sd. So I am now using a 32Gb sd, I also moved the Wifi Dongle to the USB hub as the wifi kept stopping as it was doing the plugin install. In you look at the details of the install it says that it takes 15 mins but I think it was nearer 30. Everything works as ‘advertised’.