FIRST STEPS: no hotspot found

Hello. I’ve just flashed the latest version of Volumio on a USB stick.

My idea is to connect it to an old tablet running a Linux distro and then use a Dragonfly DAC to stream Tidal Connect on the hifi sytsem of my dad. I don’t know if I’ll be able, I’m a total newbie in all these things. By now all I have is the tablet with Manjaro OS running decently and Volumio on a USB.
Now, I’m blocked.
No Volumio hotspot detected, I don’t have a Wi-fi connection but I use the Internet through my phone’s hotspot so no ethernet chance. I don’t understand if there’s something stupid I didn’t understand about running Volumio. I insert the USB in my Windows PC and also in the Linux tablet but nothing happens, no network, no way to connect to volumio.local.

What am I doing wrong? Why there’s no Volumio hotspot?

Thanks for your help.

Hello @claudiad ! Welcome!
I’m not sure to understand what you want to do, but Volumio is an OS, not an app.
So you have to download a version x86 for a PC, or a version for a supported HW (rpi, asus thinkerboard)
Then, you boot with it.

Thanks, the boot part was what I forgot hahah. I downloaded the x86 version and thought that, as there’s Linux on the tablet, I’d be able to choose to boot Volumio, is that wrong? Do I have to buy a Raspberry Pi as supported hardware? However, now I try.
The idea is to make a cheap music streamer for Tidal Connect, is there chance I can do it?

It is not because Linux is running on your tablet that this is x86…
Probably a specific arm version, unsupported by volumio.
You can test X86 version on your PC, no need to install, or from a virtual machine (VirtualBOX is fine).
And for a cheap streamer a RPI is the best way… My 2 cent, a RPI zero requires some additionnal hw (wifi) and ar not very powerful even if users report is fine.

I boot correctly Volumio and I see the OS and all options, maybe it can work. Still problems with the hotspot. I’d like to try cause Raspberry costs always more while this 2 in 1 was unused at home.

So if it boot, maybe the wifi chip is not supported. I suggest you to test Volumio BUSTER beta img with a much more recent kernel

First of all thanks for the help. I’m really a newbie, following tutorials etc. so what do you mean with recent kernel?

Do you think it can work with a ethernet cable? I already have an adapter, maybe I could try the setup at work/at my parents’.

Just a last question. Hypothesis: Volumio is running, ethernet cable is fine, connection and setup done. Can I buy a usb DAC for best audio quality and connect that (how?) to a Marantz Amplifier PM1050? Just to be sure I’m not completly wasting time even if it’s fun.

Yes, test with ethernet cable, it should be fine.
Yes a USB dac with RCA output → Marantz
I suggest you to have a look at Audio Electronics Review and Measurements Index | Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum , select DAC, your MAX price and Recommended. It is not exhaustive but it gives a good opinion about hw :wink:
edit : Topping D10 :+1:

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@claudiad do you have already a dragonfly be a ware you only get max 96khz and mqa.
there are greater dac’s with better sound some are even with mqa.
i love the sound of my khadas tone board mutch better sound than my dragonfly cobalt, red or black.

Thank you guys. No, I don’t have any DAC yet. I thought about the DragonFly (black) cause it seemed the cheapest and simple choice and I could also plug into other devices, such as my phone, and use it on the go. However I didn’t do many research so your suggestion are welcome! I got a very low budget and as a beginner I don’t wanna spend too much by now, I wanna improve with time.

for what are you gonna use it claudia ? stream service or for local music?
btw the tone board you can plugin a lot with usb-c to usb-a cable that is included
but it’s a board only so you still need a case for it. that’s around 20 euro the genic version
you can use on your pi or as a standalone board on usb you can find them on
under khadas tone board.
generic version ( Windows, Linux, macOS, Raspberry Pi )
Vim version Android ( only 44.1 khz ), LibreELEC, Linux Distros(Support Volumio)

Agree with your suggestion to use a USB DAC. Generally they offer better performance than plug in boards for the same money since perhaps they sell in greater volumes. Also they often give TOSLINK and SPDIF capability allowing you to connect in your TV or improve the sound from your CD player. Topping DACs seem to give very solid performance for the money - the sensibly priced D10s and E30 are capable of performance at the limit of human hearing. Many other DACs measured by Audio Science Review don’t work as well despite being more expensive . . .

aha I see that you now have the khadas, and how does it sound, are you satisfied with it?

better than my dragonfly’s more open sound and clearer (me now happy man )
was trying to buy the toneboard 2 but what is read about it it got some flaws so i skipped that one…
zoals we in het nederlands zeggen klinkt goed!