First start Volumio

Hello all,
probably this question came up before, then pls send the link…
I have Volumio on my SD, When I power up my UDOO, I can see a short boot sequence on the monitor, after two seconds its black.
How can I find the Volumio Web UI? When I start the UDOO the first time, he doesn´t know the network.
I think you can read it, I´m an absolute beginner. I read a lot about Volumio and UDOO, but I never thought that I fail in the first minute…
All I want is my UDOO to playmusic from my HDD. Every help is appreciated…

  1. connect your UDOO over lan to your network
  2. boot it up
  3. find out the ip adress of volumio (displayed on the router page)
  4. type the ip adress in your browser

thanks for the quick reply,
I can´t find my UDOO on my rooter page. On the Volumio webside i found at cons: Only older kernels are officially supported (3.0.35)
Can that be the problem? How do I know the kernel version?
More and more i get the feeling that it´s not as easy as described in the internet…

It works with ubuntu or xbmc but it seems that the boot sequence did not start with Volumio ob the SD. Any ideas?

you can try ifconfig on the udoo to see its IP. then use your browser to go to the ip, you should see the volumio webui.

You can also try to go to: volumio.local

It is possible that your browser redirects volumio.local to google or any other search engine. This is the case for me on my two android phones, then you’ll be needed to go to the IP.

first of all, thanks for the support.
I think the problem is that Volumio will not be booted. When i boot Ubuntu or XBMC I can see the boor sequence on the monitor. When I start my UDOO with Volumio on the SD there is nothing. This is my first experience with mini computers like this and it seems to be a difficult one.
@MobeyDuck: even if Volumio would boot, how can I try ifconfig on the UDOO? Do I have to install Ubuntu again to do this?

Can it be the downloadet file? I´ve tried it a few times now with new downloads and a new SD card. I´ll go on trying a bit but for a noob it´s pretty difficult…
Thanks everyone

When volumio is booted and you have a screen connected you should be able to log in using a keyboard. use one of the default accounts and passwords for it.

For the SD, did you flash it or did you just copy the downloaded file on to the SD card? If you just copied the files it probably wont work.
If you dont know how to make a boot-able SD card, see Step 2

I flashed the card exactly as dscribed in the video. When I connect a screen via hdmi, it showes the UDOO logo and version etc. for approx two seconds,
then the screen turns black and stays black. Nothing happens, even with a keybord connected.