First netwotk streamer project VolPi

I want to use this thread as a base for my first volumio rpi4 based network streamer.
I will use

  1. Waveshare 4.3 inch dsi display
  2. Rpi4
  3. External USB dac
  4. Internal 15w meanwell PS.
    5 on/off button
  5. 2 Led, 4 buttons and USB input on front.
  6. Rear will have classic ouot connector, hdmi, rj45, USB psu. Etc.
    Do you think I should add on left and right also led bar to have a vumeter?
    Any ideas are welcomed.

What will be the best option to power on the rpi4:

  1. Buy a meanwell 15w 5v psu
    . How do you connect from unit to rpi4 USB cable?
  2. Mount an internal usb charger wich is directly conected to 220v connector from panel
  3. Other solution?

If you meant to a linear PSU, then 15w will not be enough because their efficiency are very low. they are also very expensive, and if you are planning to use a USB HDD you will need the maximum power . The only advantage is if you are planning to put inside an internal DAC , the linear PSU has less noise side effects to the analogue circuits that can effect the sound .

If not, I advise you to use a simple usb 3A 5V “charger” you can alway convert it to an external psu in the future


Thanks a lot for the answer
Regarding Power in the pi. What do tou think it will be better

  1. to mount on rear panel a DC power jack connected to the rpi via cable and then use an external psu 3a 5v or :
    2.mount inside the 3a 5v psu and in the rear panel to mount the 220v socket with a fuse?

During this journey of building my first streamer now I need the next info
. I need the mechanical dimension for rpi4 but the complete drawing meaning, hight of the pcb, hight of the pcb+ rj45 connectors, hight of the pieces from bottom, width between rj45 connector and USB connectors and so on.
Could you please help me to find this?
This will help me creating the rear panel.
Mnay thanks

What will be more ok topping e30 or ifi nano Idsd black label for rpi?.

The waveshare 4.3 inch has arrived at the local postal office. I just can wait to put it in action :slight_smile:

I have mounted the waveshare 4.3 inchi dsi.
How can I increase the album art… It is just to small :frowning:
I have switch to clasic ui. How can I increase the
album art picture from the midle of the screen? Is that posible? Also it is posible to xhngethe green color to blue one?

It is ok to use in the same case the rpi4 and the meanwell rs15 power supply, in terms of noise, interference from the meanwell power supply? The distance between rpi and meanwell will be around 3, 4 cm. I will use usb dac.

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Small update ,
it is hard then I have thought

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I need to replace the 1.3 oled. I have cracked during instalation.


Nice job, well done!

Hi Darmur,
Thanks, it is hard then I thought.
Because it is very hard to change the sd card from rpi can I use something like this?.

RON 8.93 10%OFF | 48CM/60CM SD card Female to TF micro SD Male ( SD to SD , TF to TF )Flexible Card Extension cable Extender Adapter reader

I think you can give it a try, if the flat cable is not too long it should not give problems

I use a 25cm extension with my Volumio (RPi3B) and it works well.


I use a 40cm long cable wthout any issue.


Thanks a lot for your response.
Do you use micro sd to SD or micro sd to microsd?

i use microSD to SD because i had some old SD cards around that i cannot use for the other Raspberry projects - but it should not make any difference i think

I use a micro SD to micro SD extension.

I just order both cables. :slight_smile: If I just knew it from beginning that I will need it :smiley: