First installation - no connection to WebUI or App


I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 and the Volumio version 2.323.

I tried to search for this problem but didn’t find anything. There must be a quite simple solution for this problem:

I downloaded Volumio, wrote it on a 32GB SD Card and put it into a Raspberry 3 which I used before as a media center with Kodi (just for the case this may could be important). Put in the ethernet cable and powered on. After that I found the “volumio” Pi to be online because I can see it in my routers backend. I opened myIP/wizard but I cant get into the WebUI or the App. Browser says it can geet not connection to the server. I tried to rewrite the SD Card again but it is the same result.

Now I don’t know what to do. Can anyone help? I have the feeling I just make a simple thing wrong. :question: :blush:

Have you looked for a wifi network called ‘volumio’?? Sometimes it defaults to this (broadcasting it own network) and you just connect to it as you would normal wifi - go to volumio.local then change the network settings to your home network. It will then disconnect and should be visible when you connect back to your home network. If you can see the IP address in your router you could also try using an SSH client to see if you can get volumio to communicate with you?

Only other thing is to check that you dont have your home network set up as a guest network which wont let you ‘see’ or communicate between different machines on the same network.

Edit: you are just putting the IP for volumio into any brower address bar, right?? something like 192.168.1.XXX (will depend on your router IP settings)

Thanks for your fast respond.

There is definitly no wifi network called volumio and my wfi network is not a guest network. So they should be able to communicate. It works witth other hardware too.

As I have read the SSH on the volumio installation is deactivated by standard. I tried to get into the pi by SSH but it did not work so I guess it’s true. As I have no display right now I cant get into the Pi directly. But to be honest I don’t know what to change in the Pi for getting this work.

I am typing … this is the IP the router shows to me.

I’m having almost the same situation… I’ve tried a Pi 2 and Pi 3, both won’t connect to my network. Connected to a monitor, I don’t see what looks like a regular install until at the very end, and I’m able to login with the default credentials (volumio/volumio). When running ifconfig it appears to have an IP address, but typing http://volumio.local or the assigned IP address just hangs for ages. Checked my router and there is no sign of the Pi. Very strange.

sounds similar to my problem with the difference that I do see the Pi on my routers backend with its IP. I just learned that I can place a file with no content named “ssh” to enable SSH. I will try that later and have a look on the installation. But since I thought this is just “plug and play” and I do not have a lot skills in Raspian understanding or python programming, I don’t see the advantage. Just don’t know where the problem is. It seems like something is forbidding connection from my laptop to the Pi?! :question:

Same exact issue also here. Is there any workaround to this issue?